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Debt Collector sentenced for vicious attack on Debtor

A SELF-STYLED debt collector from Exeter, has been ordered to pay compensation to a mechanic who he clubbed with an iron bar

Legal Aid Cuts Hitting Cornish Debt Advisors

The Citizens Advice Bureau stated that nine debt advisors in Cornwall will lose their jobs next year as a result of the withdrawal of legal aid.

Debt purchaser to create 100 new jobs

Large Debt purchasing group Capquest, have announced they will create up to 100 new jobs at their Glasgow site in Scotland. A new recruitment drive will seek to fill...

Directors banned for 200k student fund scam

Two unethical Businessmen from Leicestershire have been disqualified as directors for 12 years by the Insolvency Service after scamming £200,000 worth of public funds...

Rogue Bosses ‘Escaping Justice’ Following Watchdog Cuts

Unscrupulous company directors are escaping justice because of a shortage of resources at the Government’s ...

Consumer Debt Collection Agency collapses with huge debts

A large Consumer Debt Collection Agency has collapsed with masses of debt owing to its creditors including the HMRC, staff and suppliers. Experto Credite entered...

ONS: UK Unemployment Rates Drop

New figures released by the Office for National Statistics has revealed that UK unemployment rates have fallen for the first time since last spring.
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Charity argues that Bailiffs should be a last resort.

Babergh District Council has been advised that it should do more to stop the use of bailiffs by a national debt charity. According to new research...

Britain’s Got Talent star receives 14 year bankruptcy restrictions

A Britain's Got Talent semi-finalist and his Manchester-based business partner have each received 14-year bankruptcy restrictions
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Bailiffs uncover huge cannabis factory

  County Court Bailiffs in Sussex called in the police after stumbling across a multi million pound cannabis operation during a building repossession last friday. The huge cannabis farm was...

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Hospital Bosses send Bailiffs after their own staff

Hospital bosses are employing bailiffs to recover overpayments made to its own staff following a payroll bungle that meant 791 workers were overpaid.

Crooked Directors disqualified for 13 years after theft from residents

An Insolvency Investigation into a pair of criminal Care Home Company Directors in Yorkshire unveiled a web of deceit and theft. Married couple Thomas and...

Huge surge in PPI Complaints

The financial ombudsman service is taking on 2,000 new cases a day following payment protection insurance (PPI) complaints, with numbers rising at "unprecedented" rates.

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