Football club given ‘extra time’ to avoid Insolvency proceedings.

English Football League Club Northampton Town FC was given a dramatic last minute life line after Insolvency proceedings were adjourned for two weeks. Insolvency proceedings brought against against...

£82,000 Debt Left in Limbo

A TEAM of Truro doormen awarded more than £82,000 by employment tribunals are claiming a security firm has avoided paying up by exploiting "loopholes" in business law.

Government scrap Insolvency reforms

Despite complaints from insolvency practitioners that staff and budget cuts at the Insolvency Service are allowing unscrupulous directors to escape justice

Olympics helps Britain come out of recession

Olympics spending fuelled Britain's strongest quarterly growth in five years, springboarding the country out of recession in the third quarter, data showed on Thursday

Council states that Debt Collectors are essential

The Council are now set to hire more debt collectors after the met on Wednesday and agreed that supplement the work done by council...

Banks see profits wiped out

The major UK banks saw a 45% rise in core profits in 2012, but that hike was wiped out by a mix of regulation and their own mistakes, a KPMG report says.

Debt Collection firm named and shamed by HMRC

Nottingham based Debt Collection firm Eurocoll Limited have been labelled as a deliberate tax defaulter in  a document published by the HMRC. Details of the...

Concern over Tax Credit Debt Collectors

Campaigners have called on the government to ensure debt collectors have high standards when collecting tax credit overpayments.
small business unpaid debt

Small Business Owners going without wages due to late payment

The UK's current late payment is hitting new levels as a new report has revealed 17% of Small Business owners are forgoing their wages...
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US Businessmen Stuck in China Over Debt Dispute

A Missouri man involved in a business dispute has been stuck in China for five months after the Chinese government refused to ...

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NHS slammed for instructing Debt Collectors

The Royal College of Nursing has branded a hospital’s decision to appoint debt collectors to chase salary overpayments from staff as “highly inappropriate”.

Ex-Football club owner sets up Debt Collection firm

The Sunday Mail has revealed that ex-Rangers chairman Craig Whyte is launching a debt recovery business.

British Businesses facing liquidation hits a four-year high

With one in every 213 companies falling in to liquidation last year, British businesses bankruptcy has hit a four year high. Official figures which were...

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