Football club given ‘extra time’ to avoid Insolvency proceedings.

English Football League Club Northampton Town FC was given a dramatic last minute life line after Insolvency proceedings were adjourned for two weeks. Insolvency proceedings brought against against...

Commercial Bailiff activities rise by over 25% in the capital

The use of bailiffs by councils to collect unpaid business rates in London has rocketed by more than a quarter over the past two years

Family furious after firm refuse to cancel parking fine – despite having valid ticket

Mother of two Melissa McMaster is furious after her £1 car parking ticket blew off the windscreen and cost her a £70 fine. The 27-year-old had...

Cornwall’s 14m Debt problem

Despite being one of the UK's least populated areas, with just over half a million residents, new figures have shown that the Cornwall Council...

CSA Hails Announcement on Edited Electoral Roll

The Credit Services Association (CSA), the voice of the UK collections industry, has welcomed the decision by the ...

Bailiff sentenced over 10k theft from Debt Collection firm

A BAILIFF who stole nearly £10,000 from a debt collection company in Waltham Abbey has been spared jail.

Insolvency Figures at Four Year Low

Personal insolvencies have fallen to a four-year low, despite the toughening economy, official figures show.

Russian changes gender to avoid debt collectors

The majority of people working within the UK's Debt Collection industry will be all too familiar with the very wide spectrum of excuses and...

Incomes and Savings Growing Alongside Debts

Families in the UK have seen monthly incomes nudge ahead of inflation as the typical monthly household income hits £2,150, according to the latest Aviva Family Finances Report.
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Council writes off millions after Debt Collection failure

A cash strapped council has had to write off more than 2m of unpaid council taxes after Debt Collectors and Bailiffs recovered just £35,000...

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Tabloid investigation targets Dodgy Debt Collection firms

  UK's Scam Debt Collection Agencies are still a problem that continue to blight the industry but putting a spotlight on their unethical activities is...

Attachment of earnings rise by 15%

Creditor applications to deduct debts straight from debtors’ pay packets (attachment of earnings) soared 15% in the year to 30 June 2012, according to new research.

Retirees Sitting on £96.41bn of Personal Debts

New research from retirement income specialist MGM Advantage reveals that the average retired person has £8,180 of personal debt, collectively equating to a staggering £96.41bn.

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