CCJ Value drops

Pre pack administrations to be reviewed

An independent review of pre-packaged insolvency sales will begin in late Spring, the Government has said.

Loss of Income Blamed for Debt Levels

New figures from DEMSA member EuroDebt Financial Services reveal that nearly 1 in 4 (23.6%) of its clients fell into debt as a result of a loss of income.

Concern as number of UK company liquidations rises

The number of compulsory company liquidations in England and Wales rose by a staggering 53.1% during the first quarter of 2014, compared with the...

US Investment firm buys UK Debt Collection Agency

Private equity firm AnaCap announced yesterday it had agreed to sell British consumer debt collector Cabot Credit Management (CCM) to U.S. investment firm JC Flowers.

Debt Collection firm agrees to write off millions in purchased debt

A Debt Purchasing and Collections Company has been forced to write off £414m worth of debt after failings within its dilligence processes. 'Motormile Finance UK'...

A Third of Glasgow Councillors FAIL to pay their Council Tax bills on time.

New figures show that 27 of Glasgow’s Councillors have been warned for failing to pay their council tax. In the last 2 years, 27 Councillors have been sent reminder...

Bailiffs have powers removed

New laws that come into effect this weekend will see Bailiffs banned from entering homes at night and from using physical force against debtors....

Britons Confidence in Housing Market Rising

Britons are becoming increasingly confident in the outlook for the housing market, according to the latest Halifax Housing Market Confidence tracker.

Improvement for British Construction Industry

British construction output posted the smallest annual fall in almost a year and a half in Apri
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Northern Rock’s Bad Debts purchased by Debt Collection Agency

A debt collection business that takes non-payers to court has emerged as the buyer of £450 million of Northern Rock’s bad loans.

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Cornwall’s 14m Debt problem

Despite being one of the UK's least populated areas, with just over half a million residents, new figures have shown that the Cornwall Council...

Debt Collection scammers at large in the UK

There has been a recent surge in Debt Collections scams in the UK with members of the public receiving calls from foreign accented individuals purporting to represent banks.

Banks see profits wiped out

The major UK banks saw a 45% rise in core profits in 2012, but that hike was wiped out by a mix of regulation and their own mistakes, a KPMG report says.

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